The establishment process of Pharmacist Program Faculty of Medicine and Health Science of UMY has been held since 2014 based on the decree of BAN-PT No. 061/SK/BAN-PT/Ak-IV/PT/II/2013 about A accreditation for Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta and decree of BAN-PT No. 182/SK/BAN_PT/Akred/S/VI/2014 about B accreditation for Pharmacy Program which was established since 2010.

From those accreditation, UMY has qualified to established Pharmacist Program as the sustainability studies for the Bachelor Degree of Pharmacology to earned a degree of Pharmacist. Several workshop has been held to prepare the establishment of Pharmacist Program such as the permissions process to Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education, Curriculum Workshop, infrastructure preparation, Human Resource preparation from 2014 up to 2016 includes all of the lecturer of Pharmacology Faculty of Medicine and Health Science, Rectorate UMY, Dean of Faculty of Medicine and Health Science, alumnus, stakeholder, interviewees from several institution that have Pharmacist Program, and the other stakeholders.

Pharmacist Program finally has the permission to established on November 2016 based on the decree of Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education No 462/KPT/I/2016.


  • The Academic Education refers to Competency-Based Curriculum and be the first and the only one program that used Full Problem Based Learning (PBL) method.
  • Have excellent facilities such as Mini Pharmacy and Mini hospital installation in Mini Hospital Faculty of Medicine and Health Science of UMY.
  • Integrated Islamic Curriculum
  • Tutorial and Plenary Discussion Program.
  • Soft Skill Program.
  • Early Clinical Exposure

Teaching and learning activity will be held on campus, hospital, pharmacy, the drug industry, field practice, practicum, e-lab and clinical skills (skill labs). There is English Hours Activity to improve student’s English Skills. Pharmacist Program provides Hot Spot Area and Electronic Library to ease the library access.